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Rare Unusual Antique African Tribal Solid Metal Large & Heavy Pair Anklets/Armlets

Preloved Jewels

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Rare Antique Unusual African Tribal Solid Metal Large and Heavy Pair of Anklets/Armlets

A particulary rare example of early 19th Century African Tribal Anklets/Armlets. This pair of Anklets/Armlets are very large and weigh a whopping 810g.

These Antique Solid Metal African Tribal Anklets/Armlets are Handcrafted and would have been worn on either the ankles or the arms in ritual ceremonial Tribal dances as a way of achieving communication with the Gods.

These adornments were also used in traditional African Dances as a means of marking life experiences, encouraging abundant crops, honoring Kings and Queens, celebrating weddings, marking rites of passage, banishing evil spirits and other ceremonial occasions.


These African Tribal Jewellery pieces have been skilfully handmade by Tribesmen for centuries using techniques and skills handed down from generation to generation for many thousands of years.


The Anklets/Armlets have a diameter of approx 5"  and weigh a hefty 810g.


No box and no original packaging available for this item - Age early 19th Century.


Condition as seen.

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