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Antique Chunky Near Eastern Onyx Tughra Intaglio Blank Islamic Seal Ring

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Antique Chunky Near Eastern Onyx Tughra Intaglio Blank Islamic Seal Ring

 A Tughra (Ottoman Turkish طغراtuğrâ) is a calligraphic monogram, seal or signature of a Sultan or Nobleman that was affixed to all official documents and correspondence. Very elaborate decorated versions were created for important documents that were also works of art in the tradition of Ottoman illumination.

Tughras served a purpose similar to the cartouche in ancient Egypt or the Royal Cypher of British monarchs. Every Ottoman Sultan or Nobleman had his own individual tughra, usually in the form of a Seal Ring which would be used to stamp the hot wax that formed the seal of important decrees, letters and documents.

These Middle Eastern Jewellery pieces have been skilfully handmade by Artisans of the Ottoman Empire for centuries using techniques and skills handed down from generation to generation of Craftsmen since the dawn of the Roman Empire.

The designs and materials used have not changed for millennia which is what makes these particular Rings so unique and eye catching.


This particularly fine example features a large blank and uncarved Onyx central Tughra Cabochon Stone set in an elaborate and intricately worked White Metal Shank with inlaid Enamel work to the top, bottom and rear and Bronze Finials on either side.

The central Cabochon sits in a Bezel setting and measures 2.5cm in diameter.

This Ring is a UK size R.

It weighs in at a hefty 27.8g.

*Please be fully aware of the size and weight of this Ring before purchasing*


This Ring formed part of a large private collection which is now being sold - The age of the Ring is unknown.


The Ring is in excellent antique condition as shown and is fully wearable.

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